Chatbots are the new thing now a days for anyone who wants to increase their visibility online. Whether you’re running an e-commerce store, an affiliate marketer, or trying to get leads for your brick and mortar business, chatbots are becoming the new rage. This is because of their very high engagement rate. Statistics have consistently shown over the past few years that the click through rates and open rates on chat bots come in way above just about every other method of outreach. Some industry averages put the open rates for chat bots at over 80%! That’s insane!
One of the industry leaders in the chatbot world is Octane AI. In this article we’ll go over the features and benefits that the Octane AI messenger bot software has and why it’s a smart investment if you want to grow your business.

Octane AI Feature At A Glance
-Integrates directly with Facebook Messenger
-Allows you to combine email and messenger bot marketing
-Can be used to make messenger ads to your audience
-Allows you to automate your marketing campaigns
-Allows you to turn commenters into subscribers
-Sell products right from the messenger without sending the customer to your website
-Can be installed on your Shopify store without any coding
-Can recover abandoned carts without building a new campaign
-Send shipping updates immediately
-Dedicated and specialized support for agencies managing ecommerce bots
-Integrates natively with

Who is Octane AI For?
Octane AI can be used by anyone who wants to increase their reach and presence online. Facebook is by far the most populated social media platform in the world and messenger bots are a fantastic way to increase your reach and ability to sell online. Open rates and click through rates are astronomically high on messenger bots so they can be of great benefit to anyone from any market or niche online. So affiliate marketers, casual bloggers, ecommerce stores, restaurants, gyms...you name it can use software like Octane AI to increase their presence, generate leads, and grow their business. Facebook has over 1.3 billion monthly users and messenger bots have open rates as high as 80% with clickthrough rates as high as 40%. That alone lets you know what kind of difference a messenger bot can make for effectively increasing your presence online.

Octane AI is very specially made for those in ecommerce. What sets Octane AI apart from the other chatbot platforms is how easy it is to integrate and use for ecommerce stores. Octane AI was created with shopify store owners in mind from the beginning. With Octane AI, merchants are enabled to:
-Automate customer service/check on order status without opening a new tab
-Recommend products to visitors based on their browsing history
-Send abandoned cart notifications through messenger bot
-Integrate natively with popular ecommerce apps like Klaviyo, Yotpo, Justuno, Smile.io, Privy, Gorgias, Yext and more without having to use Zapier

Why Should I Go With Octane AI?
Using a messenger bot software is one of the cutting edge ways to increase your traction online. That applies to anyone no matter what your niche is. Facebook has over a billion users per month so whatever your niche or unique angle is online you can increase engagement and effectively grow your audience.

It is especially for you though if you are doing ecommerce. All of the integrations that Octane offers make the ecommerce merchant that much more in control of his destiny online. 

The Octane platform was made with shopify stores in mind first, so the amount of integrations easily available as well as first class support for ecommerce merchants make Octane second to none in the messenger bot category.
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