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Become A SuperLearner MasterClass
They say life is all about learning, that you never stop learning, that if you stop you become outdated... But in some cases, this mindset can lead you to feeling like life is a soup and you are a fork. Some people aren't the best at studying, and that's a fact: perhaps they have ADHD, dyslexia, or any other learning disability that doesn't let them learn as fast as they could. Some people just have a terrible memory, or problems with retaining information. The rest of us will simply have no trouble when it comes to learning, and our skills and learning capabilities are on the average... but we would really love to be faster and more efficient when it comes to studying, so we could cut our learning time in half. This method is for all of you.
This masterclass will turn you into a "superlearner": someone whose capabilities have been expanded beyond the average person. A superlearner will not only read faster, but also have better focus, better memory, better capacity for information retention, more brain plasticity, more neuronal connections and a better cognitive infrastructure that will help you support the new flurry of information you are receiving in the long term.  

Why Do I Need Something Like This Become A Superlearner Masterclass?
If your learning speed, memory retention, and cognitive processing speed are on the bell curve, there's always a way to better them and become the best we can be. Wouldn't it be wonderful to cut the time it takes to learn a language in half, and have time to learn as many of them as you want? Consider how your productivity in school or work could be boosted by increasing your memory capacity 2 or 3 fold.
Or perhaps you have a learning disability, like dyslexia, ADHD, short attention span or memory or cognitive issues. With these disadvantages, learning can feel like a real chore and can take much longer than the average person. You end up behind your peers forced to work harder to achieve the same results. This is a problem that can bottleneck your productivity in life leaving you with that dreadful overwhelmed feeling all the time.
Doesn't matter who you are, what your abilities are, if you were bottom of the class or straight A student: 
learning is part of life and you never stop learning, so by self improving and making yourself able to learn 
 faster and better... you are getting ahead in life ! This course is incredibly useful for just about anyone and everyone will be able to learn something they didn't know by attending. By improving yourself, you will be making a great difference in your life ! You will be more intelligent, smarter and able to learn faster and more efficiently by the end of the course, which will turn you into a much more well read, well informed person that can get ahead in life ! 

What does the super learner course teach?
This course teaches a number of different intellectual skills via different and complementary methods. By using over 15 hours of videos, 17 worksheets and a forum to be able to discuss with your masterclass peers, you will have all the tools needed at your disposal to learn as much as possible. 

In addition, you are getting access to over 30 lectures on advanced topics, exclusive and in-depth reviews with top memory experts and coaches, a daily log of your progress so you can track how much you are advancing, a constant open line of communication with the creators of our masterclass to solve any doubt you might have and at the end of the course, you will receive an official completion certificate that you can print and display on LinkedIn !
All in all, while this is not a super heavy, labour intensive course (you will only need 30 minutes of working a day), you are getting everything you need to succeed and a support net that will help you understand those exercises that you don't quite get by yourself ! Let us repeat all that you get:

• Over 15 hours of videos.
• 17 worksheets so you can practice your skills.
• Access to a forum where you and other superlearners can ask questions, discuss and help each other learn.
• Over 30 understandable lectures on advanced topics so you can put your skills to test.
• Exclusive, in-depth reviews with top memory experts and coaches.
• A daily log of your progress and weekly check up emails.
• A constant, open line of communication with the creators of the course so they can help you advance and solve your questions.
• An official printable certificate that you can also display on LinkedIn.

And an amazing lifelong superlearning skill that will help you memorize and understand the information you receive in no time at all by studying 30 minutes a day over the course of 10 weeks ! With a mere 3 hours a week, you can revolutionarize your life and become the best learner you can be. You will not only make yourself more knowledgeable, but you’ll also will create new pathways in your brain, helping you memorize information faster and elevate your skills to levels you didn't even think were possible ! With such a small investment of time and money, this masterclass will improve your life by a great deal.

What are the benefits of the super learner masterclass?

This course has tons of benefits. The most obvious ones like increasing your brain plasticity, creating new neural pathways and helping you develop a powerful, solid cognitive infrastructure
that will by default make you smarter... But this course has many, many benefits in addition to those ones, too !
• It will teach you all the skills needed to develop a sustained focus and an ability to not be distracted when studying
• It will help you increase your reading speed to 800 words per minute
• Teach you how to digest information faster
• It will help you retain your memories forever
• It will teach you how to memorize numbers, facts or concepts instantly
• It can help you learn the techniques to learn new languages and hobbies easily and effortlessly
• You will never forget a face or a name again, which is really cool !
• It will help increase your focus, attention span and enjoyment
• It will teach you how to deconstruct any learning challenge quickly
• It will help you waste less energy by studying the boring way without actually learning anything
• You can apply this techniques to learn anything you want, from history to music

What we are trying to get at here is that this course is not only going to teach you how to "study better" or faster. This masterclass is going to change the entire mindset you have towards studying and learning, rework your skillset from the ground up to improve it and make it more efficient and then give you the tools to apply this to every single area in your life. This masterclass is not just going to teach you how to study, it is going to teach you how to learn and how to apply these techniques to improve every area in your life. By combining your learning skills with your increased reading speed, you will be able to read books and memorize them faster. Never forget a birthday, or the date of your anniversary again thanks to your improved memory.
All in all, this masterclass will not only teach you how to learn more efficiently but also how to retain that information, how to digest it better, how to apply this skills to your daily life and overall will turn you into a smarter, more intelligent and witty person in addition to improving your social skills. While this course has a particular audience in mind, it is useful for just about anyone and anyone that puts enough effort and interest into learning the skills it teaches will end up learning something they didn't know, and bettering their lives

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